So much better now…

24 07 2008

We’re still broke, but not needing to fork over three months worth of mortgage payments! The Husband has contacted the mortgage company and we’re in the process of getting an alternative payment schedule going.

I’m also currently looking for part time work so that I can at least pay for the gas in my car, and maybe help pay for the heating oil we’ll be needing this winter. If I knew I could make a decent wage, I’d spin more yarn and sell that. But from what I’ve been able to find out, it’s really hard to do. I’d also love to do some fiber processing, but I definitely don’t have the funds to open shop. Anyone in Southern Maryland need some help from a crafty person?

Now for a little bit of fun… Over on Ravelry, in the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Group Group, we’ve been doing a little pirate and ninja themed swap. I got my package on Monday from Heidi(aka MissMoo).

pirate package 1

The yarn (if you can make it out underneath the sheepy tissues and envelope) is Berroco Jasper in a blend of reds and black with a bit of natural cream color, and I’ve already started knitting with it. I’m trying to make a mitered hat, but we’ll see…

merino superwash

And this is some superwash Merino roving that was tucked under the yarn! Yum! I’ve got to finish spinning the little bit of black alpaca I was able to salvage from the moth eaten fleece I bought back in November before I spin this… Must get more bobbins for my wheel…




One response

11 11 2008
Molly Chase

Oooh, ooh. I followed you here from Ravelry–I’m the one who’s all tangled up in her IV3000 tapes. 🙂

Regarding your mortgage: I can help. Actually, I can’t personally, but I work for people who can. Don’t rely on your own wits in dealing with the lender. You’ll seriously go out of your mind. I work for a non-profit called HomeFree-USA. We’re paid by the government to mitigate mortgage defaults with lenders, so it’s completely and totally free to you. We stop 90% of foreclosures–and we’re talking about people who are YEARS behind in paying, and hours away from the sheriff forceably removing them from the premises–and can typically get more from the lender than a homeowner can. We recently had one homeowner’s interest rate reduced from 13.5% to 6.15% for the life of the loan.

Call Christopher Gales at 301-891-8400. You can tell him you know me and explain the whole situation to him. He’ll get you to the right person, who’ll get in touch with your mortgage company–they know all the back doors and have really solid connections so they can go right to the right person, they speak the language.

Believe me, I know how scary and frustrating all of this is. Don’t worry. We really can help.


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