Must. Resist. Urge…

11 07 2008

Yesterday the Husband informed me that we’re almost three months behind on house payments. THREE MONTHS!!! He’s been telling me for the longest time that we’re only one month and that he’s going to call the mortgage company. He hasn’t called! I’m texting his phone all day today to make sure he does call when he gets a break. My urge to kill is rising…

Now for more happy news… It looks like gimmesanity is about to give birth! Go and give her some happy, healthy baby vibes!

Also, on the knitting front, if you’re on Ravelry, go join in the Ravelympics! I’ll be participating in the mitten medley, and knitting Mongrel mittens, designed by a fellow Raveler -itisalwaysraining; and I’ll be using some of my handspun yarn from the two Jacob X fleece I got in May. Oh, and there’s only 21 more days until the unveiling of the Twist Collective! Some of the teasers on the site look totally fun!




One response

12 07 2008

Urg, men! I hope you both get this resolved soon. That sort of thing is super stressful to have hanging over your head.

Also this is a note letting you know that you won a prize on my blog. Please send me an email with your mailing address. Thanks!

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