100 things about me

100 things about me (a work in progress…)

1. I’m originally from Salt Lake City, UT

2. I’m the oldest of three kids

3. We were all born in July

4 . We were all born in the first week”

5. On the first Friday.

6. I’m five years older than my little sister

7. She’s taller than me

8. So is my little brother

9. He’s three years younger than me

10. They both still live in SLC

11. I was married in 2001

12. On October 20th

13. We met online

14. We didn’t get a proper honeymoon

15. The husband had to spend about a month in Wyoming

16. The Monday after our wedding

17. Because of what had happened in September of that year

18. We moved to the DC Metro area in 2002

19. The husband thought moving out here would get him his dream job with the government agency he worked for at the time.

20. It didn’t work.

21. He went to work somewhere else

22. We have two beautiful daughters

23. They’re 25 months apart in age

24. The Husband picked the oldest daughter’s name when I was about 3 months pregnant

25. We didn’t even know her gender then

26. The youngest has the names of my two best friends from high school

27. The husband hasn’t picked up on this

28. Even though I told him that the spelling of her first name is the same as one of them

29. Two kids is enough for me

30. I’m a type 1 diabetic

31. I had all kinds of different problems with both pregnancies

32. Both were born cesarean

31. I got my “medical alert bracelet” tattooed on my left wrist

32. It was done six weeks after my second daughter was born

33. I plan on getting more ink!!!

34. I’m a stay at home mom (SAHM)

35. I used to work at the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters before becoming a SAHM

36. I worked in Civilian Personnel

37. I loved working there

38. If we could afford daycare for two kids out here, I would still work there

39. I love to knit

40. I love to spin

41. I love to knit with the yarns I spin

42. I don’t get much time to do either when the girls are up

43. I have knit socks

44. Top down

45. Toe up

46. I have yet to finish a pair for myself

47. I love the process of knitting socks

48. I just need the right yarn to get me to finish a par for me

49. I don’t have a stash per se

50. The Husband thinks so

51. But he hasn’t seen what other peoples’ stash(es?) look like

52. I try to finish one project before I start another.

53. Small items don’t count

54. My first big knit project was a cabled cardigan sweater

55. It was 100% wool

56. And not Superwash

55. I would still have it if the Husband didn’t put it in the washing machine

56. I have only gone back home once

57. For my sister’s wedding

58. She and my brother- in- law own our childhood home

59. I am proud of her

60. My brother is also a diabetic

61. He has some issues

62. I am still proud of him, too

63. I’m allergic to porcupine dander (kind of an odd story)



One response

18 02 2008

My mother is sending me a raw fleece. I live in Lexington Park south of the base. She has about 25 sheep and has decided I need a fleece. I have a front loading wash machine and Dawn detergent and a candy thermometer which hopefully will all be good for washing the fleece. I have never washed a fleece or carded or spun but do knit.
I stopped at Crazy for Ewe this weekend and was told there is a Sunday night spinning/knitting group in the area. Please tell me about this group as I am going to need help/motivation.

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