When it rains…

6 05 2008


Well. I made it to MDS&W on Saturday without the Husband, but with both kids. We had a blast, but just as we were about to eat the Husband called. He had to work Saturday evening, and on his way into work at about 1 p.m., he calls me to tell me that his car is overheating. Not good. West Friendship is about an hour and a half drive from home. Luckily, our neighbor let him borrow one of his cars. Now the car is in the shop, and the Husband will be driving my car until Friday.

Then Sunday I wake up feeling rather sore and tired. I started thinking that this was just from pushing the stroller around the fairgrounds all day, then up the grassy hill to get to our car. I take some ibuprofen, hoping that will help with the aches. Then the chills start kicking in. The next thing I know, the Husband finds a tick on top of my head. The evil little sucker was starting to become engorged. Crazy thing is that this wasn’t my first tick bite this year. Prior to the one the Husband removed I had three others bite, and one I picked off my pants. Sunday night got really interesting. The Husband had to work, and I was really tired. I crawled into bed, only to start shivering uncontrollably. That lasted half an hour before I ended up stumbling to the bathroom, still shivering, to throw up. I ended up soaking in a warm bath afterwards just to get my muscles to relax.

Then yesterday, the Husband calls our PCP to see if she could see me. Thank goodness she could. I am now being treated for Lyme disease. The chills suck. They don’t subside until I throw up. My body aches something fierce. This has got to be worse than any flu I have ever had (Lyme disease symptoms are “flu-like” on all the websites I looked at). Oh, and on the way to the doctor’s office, I pulled another blood sucker out of my hair. I’m also the only one who is getting bitten. Totally nuts.