3 06 2008

That’s me. I’ve been seriously slacking in writing posts.

So. What’s up?

I’ve been busy washing and spinning up the two Jacob cross fleeces that I got from Kari of Southern Comfort Berry Farm. She had these yearling rams who needed to be sheared, and I was looking for fleece. I paid a local woman to shear the sheep, and I got to take the fleece home. Once I can figure out where the Husband put the camera, I’ll post pictures of at least the entire black fleece and a portion of the grey and white one.

And if any knitters in Southern Maryland didn’t know already, Ellen of Crazy for Ewe is hosting two WWKIP events on June 14. One will be on the lawn of the La Plata store, and the other will be on the Leonardtown Town Square. I’m going to try and make it to La Plata that day, and I’m debating on weather I’ll just bring a knitting project or load the wheel into the car and spin up my fleece..

And among all this, this week the Husband’s parents are in the area (MIL has a week long conference in DC), and have taken Evalyn for the week. It’s just me and Tori and the Husband (at least until Friday), and Tori is talking our ears off. It’s like she doesn’t have to worry about her sister telling her to be quiet or talking over her, so she just babbles about ponies and helicopters and Godzilla…