Belly dancing!

22 02 2008

Yesterday was our monthly MOMS Club meeting, and we had a guest “speaker”. We had Kali (Hi, Amy) from the Gypsy’s Monkey come and give us a brief lesson in belly dancing.

We had so much fun, and I found out that there’s an instructor nearby that has ongoing classes. So get ready to hear me ramble about costuming and performing, maybe.

Here are a few pics that one of the moms took while we were all wearing hip scarves, including the cute little boys.

Mom and ToriEvalyn and scarfMom posingBaby belly dancerI just love this last one. 😀

Evalyn liked it so much that she wants a hip scarf to dance in at home, and if I can I might get her to take lessons with me.

ETA: I just finished crocheting a cute little scarf with fringe for Evalyn to wear. She thinks it’s pretty and fun, and has tried doing hip shimmies in it. 🙂


Sorry. I’ve been a total slacker…

12 02 2008

So. I haven’t posted since December. Not a whole lot going on, other than waiting for the Husband’s training to end. They just recently extended it by an additional three weeks because of a very small training issue regarding about a dozen classmates (which even the instructors said should just be taken care of with in-service training at the end of the year), and the availability of a top department official.

I’ve been spinning up my gorgeous grey alpaca, and am planning on making a sweater. Last year, I participated in Journey to a shawl. This year is my own Journey to a Sweater. If anyone is interested in a SAL/KAL, let me know and I’ll set up a blog (just leave a comment)…


12 12 2007

Okay. Since I read yesterday that Wendy isn’t going to be doing her project this year, I’d be interested in taking it on. I set up a poll to see what others thought, and as I really don’t have much of anything to donate as a prize (maybe some sheep stitch markers, and a skein of sock yarn) I would be looking for folks to donate prizes as well. Please check out the poll, as it will end at Midnight on the 19th.

Heifer pollTake Our Poll

Slacking on NaBloPoMo…

19 11 2007

Yeah. I’m missing a few posts here and there, and I think I may miss a few more by the end of the month. But I’ll still try and post nearly as frequently as I have this month.

I missed my first blogiversary, and as of this post, I’ve got 91 posts. Can I make it to 100 by the end of the month? Maybe, if I can get my deadline knitting out of the way…

Holy alpaca fleece, Batman!

17 11 2007

I went to a church bazaar today to view fleeces from Villa de Alpacas Farm, and boy was I glad I did!

Alpaca fleece

That’s just the Huacaya fleeces. I only payed $20 essentially for the grey fleece in the front, and Angel sent me home with that as well as a black Huacaya and black Suri fleece, all about the same size. She said that the grey one alone she used to sell for $100!!!

Now that my excitement is out of the way, Evalyn had her first dance class today. We watched her on the CCTV set up in the studio (no parents allowed in the studios), and watched her just run wild. I’m hoping that she’ll start to mellow a bit and follow the instructor instead of running for the closet in the class.

Photo time

15 11 2007

Here’s my Ravelry Caffeine Addicts Swap package:

caffeine swap

It’s two packages of coffee beans from rosters in Anchorage, AK, a Starbuck’s mug, a skein of STR lightweight, two skeins of Shibui Knits Sock, a sock pattern from Fiber Trends, a bag of blueberry biscotti (also from Anchorage), and a little tin of Bee Bar lotion

NY Sock Exchange

This was from my NY Sock Exchange pal. Nice socks knit from some Zen Strings Serendipity in the Strawberry Fields Forever colorway, and some Fleece Artists Kid Mohair roving in gorgeous pink. The roving’s been spun into a single, now I just need to ply it with my cashmere/silk that I’ve been spinning forever. Not shown in the picture is the really yummy teas, the cute little teapot tea ball for brewing the tea, and some spinning wheel oil for my Lendrum.

And because they are super cute:

PrincessIce cream

She’s growing

13 11 2007

Tori had her 15 month checkup today. She now weighs 24 lbs. 4 oz., and is 31 inches.