Knitting content!

4 03 2008

Now that it’s finally been published, I’m going to show a few (poorly taken in the mirror) pictures of the top I test knit for Chrissy of Gardiner Yarn Works
Cable wrap topCable wrap top backCable wrap top sleeve

That’s the Knotty Wrap Top, knit using Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool in color #20. I so love this top!

Now I’m test knitting a new pattern for her. Does anyone remember me posting about participating in the MS3 KAL? Or the yarn that I spun for that? Well, I never used it for the KAL, so it’s now being used for this test knitting. I may post a few progress pictures of this, but I’m going to try and finish it by March 19 for the Husband’s graduation.


Zombie knitter

5 11 2007

I so feel like the title. Tori has taken to waking up about two hours after she gets put down at night, and won’t go back to sleep unless she can snuggle with me. This is hard for me, as I move a lot when I sleep. So baby comforting snuggling= no sleep for Mommy. This has been going on for a few weeks now, starting with her teething, then catching a cold/weather change, now moving from Mommy and Daddy’s room to the room she shares with Evalyn. I just need a few nights of solid sleep.

And because I have to get it out… Yesterday we went to breakfast at our favorite chain bakery. When we got there, there was a couple with two service dogs. The gentleman was in a wheel chair, which makes sense for that dog, but the wife seemed to be fine. We just kept the girls away from the dogs since they were working (they had vests that said “Do not pet me. I am working”). While we sat in the restaurant eating our food, the Husband notices a customer seems a bit upset about the wife with the dog. So the husband says that she might have some other condition like epilepsy, that the dog may be used for. So this guy goes on some rant that Maryland health code only allows seeing eye dogs into eating establishments. I was about to start talking about the Americans with Disabilities Act and explaining that any service animal is allowed. I just didn’t have the energy to really try and rationally discuss that the ADA trumps the “health code” he was talking about (it was probably really outdated information), so the Husband and I just let the guy go about the place ranting to management about the supposed violation. And now .

Not too much to report on the knitting and spinning front due to lack of sleep. I have been working as fast as I can on my test knit, and I’ve learned that I really like metal circulars (using Addi turbos, now) compared to the bamboo circulars that I had bought for the project as the yarn wasn’t moving smoothly enough on the bamboo for my liking. I also learned that I really should have just stuck with the Addi because I knit my gauge swatch with them, and the bamboo ones were a slightly larger size, totally messing up the first pattern repeat I had done.

Friday update

27 07 2007

Okay. No pictures this week but a wee update on project status.

I’ve decided to restart my mystery stole, as I just finnished spinning the remainder of my wool for the project. I’m planning on going back to the craft store to pick up some beads and a crochet hook or two to put the beads on, but this may change. I also am currently spinning up some lovely alpaca that was my prize from the last contest for Journey to a Shawl (Maple, I am bookmarking your etsy store for more in the future!). I’m not sure what this will become, but I’m thinking of a triangular shawl using the creamy alpaca, the alpaca/wool blend, and some left over brown alpaca from a previous project (approx. 2 oz. left after blending with some buffalo that didn’t have the guard hairs removed)

Sock wise, I’m about to turn the heel on my first Charade, and I’m loving the way this sock looks! I might just have to use the pattern on my pink Jitterbug that’s been sitting in my projects basket since April. I’m also planning to finish spinning up my superwash merino to make socks for either Tori or Evalyn, depending on the yardage I obtain (I’ve only got a few oz. left). I’ll be dying this and maybe baby Charades are in order… 🙂

Friday show and tell

6 07 2007

Okay. Friday has officially become my show and tell for my projects.

First, there’s the Mystery Stole:

Mystery stole clue 1

It’s not quite the entire first clue there (62 rows), but that should be finished later today so that I can go on to this week’s clue. I think once this is finished and blocked it’ll look wonderful! I still have some roving left to spin up and ply, but I might have enough finished now for the entire stole. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday show and tell

29 06 2007

Okay. I started my Hogwarts swap pal’s socks last Friday as part of the Summer of Socks ’07 KAL. I haven’t done too much, but I think I’m doing well for knitting both at the same time. See.

Ravenclaw socks

If you noticed, I’m knitting them both at the same time. These are my “insanity socks”, and they’ll be a fraternal pair. That’s about 2 inches there done on US 1 needles. I’ve been using a tutorial I found archived in a previous issue of Knitty. So far so good.

As far as my Mystery Stole, I’ve got most of my yarn spun up, and the twist set. I’m trying to get my sample knit up today so that I can start knitting this weekend if I don’t need to go up or down a needle size (I’m using a US 4 Addi circular). I’m pretty surprised at how many of us over at the Journey to a Shawl KAL are also spinning to work on this stole!

Oh, and I’ve joined another sock swap. This one I found over at Ravelry. It’s the NY Sock Exchange (I love the title. I need to go get the skyline button.). It started as a “big foot” sock swap, for those of us with larger than average feet (I thought a woman’s 9 was the new average… although my feet are bigger…), but it’s open to anyone and everyone will try to be paired with someone with a similar shoe size. Go check it out!

I’m a joiner…

3 05 2007

I’ve joined SOS ’07! I figure that since I’m in such a sock fix, might as well knit with others. And since I saw that Wendy was joining, I figured I’d go along.

Now, after reading Cara’s latest blog entry, I’ve also signed up to be a beta tester for ravelry, a rather nifty site to organize, share, and discover good stuff with regards to knitting and crochet. Since it’s in beta right now, membership is by invitation only (I’m waiting for mine), and you can add yourself to the invite list on the bottom right side of the home page.

I’ve restarted both the shrug and the Jitterbug socks. I’m now knitting a “circle shrug”, from this pattern, using the same nature wool that was to be Arwen. The Jitterbug Jaywalkers have been frogged, and I am now knitting Vinnland socks from the Anticraft website.

Only three more days until I’ll be at MDSW. We prefer going on Sunday (the Husband thinks it’s less crowded, but we’ve always gone on Sunday…), and Evalyn is looking forward to seeing the sheep. I’m looking forward to using my Mei Tai, possibly with Tori on my back instead of the front carying position.

Socks ‘r’ us?

3 04 2007

I am on a total sock thing right now. I finished my Colinette socks, and totaly love them!!! I’ll try to get pics up later.

Right now I’m knitting Wyvern socks with the Louet Gems that my PRGE pal sent for my first package. I am totaly loving the pattern on this sock. I’ve got to find a nice earthy green handpainted sock yarn for the next time I knit these, as this pattern is a definate “dragon scale” and would look totaly cool in green (or purples… or blues???). I am so wanting to knit these socks as well. I’d definately go for the thigh high sock in either pink or black color. I’d really like to try some of the other patterns that Marnie has designed. Her stuff looks so fab!

Today was our MOMS club spring party. Evalyn and Tori had a blast. Everyone came up to Tori just to see her smile, and Evalyn just had a blast running between the playgrounds and getting food (mostly cookies and cupcakes…).