3 06 2008

That’s me. I’ve been seriously slacking in writing posts.

So. What’s up?

I’ve been busy washing and spinning up the two Jacob cross fleeces that I got from Kari of Southern Comfort Berry Farm. She had these yearling rams who needed to be sheared, and I was looking for fleece. I paid a local woman to shear the sheep, and I got to take the fleece home. Once I can figure out where the Husband put the camera, I’ll post pictures of at least the entire black fleece and a portion of the grey and white one.

And if any knitters in Southern Maryland didn’t know already, Ellen of Crazy for Ewe is hosting two WWKIP events on June 14. One will be on the lawn of the La Plata store, and the other will be on the Leonardtown Town Square. I’m going to try and make it to La Plata that day, and I’m debating on weather I’ll just bring a knitting project or load the wheel into the car and spin up my fleece..

And among all this, this week the Husband’s parents are in the area (MIL has a week long conference in DC), and have taken Evalyn for the week. It’s just me and Tori and the Husband (at least until Friday), and Tori is talking our ears off. It’s like she doesn’t have to worry about her sister telling her to be quiet or talking over her, so she just babbles about ponies and helicopters and Godzilla…


Holy alpaca fleece, Batman!

17 11 2007

I went to a church bazaar today to view fleeces from Villa de Alpacas Farm, and boy was I glad I did!

Alpaca fleece

That’s just the Huacaya fleeces. I only payed $20 essentially for the grey fleece in the front, and Angel sent me home with that as well as a black Huacaya and black Suri fleece, all about the same size. She said that the grey one alone she used to sell for $100!!!

Now that my excitement is out of the way, Evalyn had her first dance class today. We watched her on the CCTV set up in the studio (no parents allowed in the studios), and watched her just run wild. I’m hoping that she’ll start to mellow a bit and follow the instructor instead of running for the closet in the class.

She’s growing

13 11 2007

Tori had her 15 month checkup today. She now weighs 24 lbs. 4 oz., and is 31 inches.

Fleecy goodness!

9 11 2007

I am totally excited! I just found an alpaca and llama farm locally that has a ton of fleece available! The lady that owns the farm is going to bring some of the fleece to a craft fair/market at a local church next weekend for me to look at and possibly buy. I am just so glad that I didn’t buy any fiber at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival a few weeks ago, because I think I am now set. She’s got both Huacaya and Suri fleece, so I might get one of each.

I didn’t get much more done on my test knitting, but I hope to get a few repeats of the cable pattern done today. I was hoping to have the body done by this weekend, but the lack of sleep kind of hindered progress there.

Now, as far as sleep goes, Tori is sleeping longer in her new crib in her bedroom. She made it to 3 am this morning which is an hour later than the night before. I just can’t get her to take a nap in the crib. She likes to snuggle.


6 11 2007

I still need sleep. At least last night I got a couple of hours in before Tori started crying, which woke up Evalyn, which made the crying worse. So more bed snuggling last night, and I actually slept pretty well. Bad thing was that Evalyn decided that she needed to wake up at 5:30 am and try and shave her legs with Daddy’s razor. Not much knitting done due to lack of sleep, so I really need to try and find some quiet time to really work on my project. If the girls would only nap at the same time…

Friday update

14 09 2007

Okay. So I’m still working on my Sagittaria shawl that I was trying to have finished for the county fair (should have submitted it on Wednesday), but I ended up sick. I’m still suffering from some sniffles.

Our trip to Richmond was a blast. I so love the yarn shops there (we went to the Yarn Lounge and Lettuce Knit). Next door to the Yarn Lounge is a cool toy shop called World of Mirth. The Husband took Evalyn there while I browsed the yarn. Unfortunately, Evalyn’s constant companion Giraffalo went missing while there, but was later “found” at a Hallmark store, clean and a different color.

As the Husband said I had free reign at the yarn stores, I was going to buy yarns for sweaters I’ve been planning on knitting up. However I forgot to write down yarn requirements, so I got sock yarn instead.

sock yarn 2

The yarn on the left is the Fleece Artist 2/6 Merino I got in the Ravelry Summer Camp Swap. The yarn in the middle is Rio de la Plata Merino Sock (I actually purchased two different skeins, but one is for a “stealth sock” project for the NY Sock Exchange.) and on the right is some Pagewood Farm S/W Merino in Vineyard Blues (custom dyed for the Yarn Lounge)

Oh and speaking of the Ravelry swap… Here are pictures of the package I recieved from Linda, AKA Deliriousduckie.

Summer camp packageAll pretty wrapped up… and…

Summer camp package 2Opened up. Evalyn loved the chocolate (I shared with her as a potty training incentive). The Fleece Artist is destined to be these.

Yes. I am working on socks, but not the Charades. I’ve got to get my sock swap pal’s socks done and in the mail by the end of the month. She already knows who I am, but I’m not sure if she visits my blog (Hi, Courtney!) so no photos. I actually got some decent progress done last night before the cold medicine kicked in, and since her feet are quite a bit smaller than mine, they should knit up quick.

Oh, and for cuteness. Here’s a picture of Tori doing something she doesn’t do often enough anymore (nap that is, not just on the floor).
Sleepy tori

It’s all about the birthday cake…

12 08 2007

Here’s Tori enjoying her birthday cake:

Tori’s 1st cake

She definately enjoyed making a mess yesterday, but it was even better a second time around this evening. I was washing cake out of every little nook and cranny I could find, and still found bits stuck to her.