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4 03 2008

Now that it’s finally been published, I’m going to show a few (poorly taken in the mirror) pictures of the top I test knit for Chrissy of Gardiner Yarn Works
Cable wrap topCable wrap top backCable wrap top sleeve

That’s the Knotty Wrap Top, knit using Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool in color #20. I so love this top!

Now I’m test knitting a new pattern for her. Does anyone remember me posting about participating in the MS3 KAL? Or the yarn that I spun for that? Well, I never used it for the KAL, so it’s now being used for this test knitting. I may post a few progress pictures of this, but I’m going to try and finish it by March 19 for the Husband’s graduation.




4 responses

4 03 2008

how did you do it,it’s lovely.can you teach me how to knit?

5 03 2008

That’s beautiful! I love the details on the sleeves. Hey, we’ll have to swap numbers or something and make sure we meet up to say hi at the S&W! =)

17 08 2008

Beautiful top. Lovely construction. I love silky wool. I adore the cables.

26 05 2009

That’s beautiful! I love the details, it’s simply magnificent.

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