The Wayback Machine

8 11 2007

Okay. I just found a contest over at Kit Kat Knit involving the Wayback Machine. I must admit I’m too young to have watched the original broadcasts, but I also did not nor have never watched the Cartoon Network broadcasts. I think when I had seen the show, it was actually broadcast on one of our local PBS stations, but I could be wrong.

But anyway, one year ago I was trying to knit a Cardigan for Arwen. Failed that miserably, but only because I was getting sick of only a little bit of cable and a whole lot of stockinette stitch. I like a bit of variety in my knitting.

Oh. And going off topic a bit, Evalyn has finally figured out using the bathroom. She hasn’t worn a pull-up for about three weeks now, with the exception of bedtime. We’ve only had a couple of accidents, and we’ve even taken long car trips with no problems. She’s even letting us know when she needs to use the potty when we’re in the car.




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