3 11 2007

Our cat apparently frightened a mouse to death this morning. When I got up this morning, I found a dead mouse in the middle of our bathroom. The only explanation I have is that she just tormented the poor thing to death, as she doesn’t have claws and is generally a very non- mouser cat. Ick!

As far as knitting goes, I got my yarn last Saturday for the top that I’m test knitting for Gardiner Yarn Works. I’m about two inches, give or take, into the body, and I have until the 30th to have it finished, photographed and comments given. I hope to have it done sooner, but we’ll see…

Halloween came and went. No trick or treating, as our neighborhood is kind of rural and I wasn’t about to take the girls into an unknown neigborhood. They did have their costumes on, and we did a little shopping. I hope to get some photos of them in their costumes up soon.




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