No photos yet…

8 10 2007

I’ve been lazy lately, and the digital camera has had some issues, so no pictures yet of my swap package or of finished projects. It’s a shame as Jenny sent me a really fab pair of socks that got worn to an appointment I had on Saturday.

And that appointment was for my new tattoo. It’s ginormous and spans about half my back from shoulder to sholder. Six hours for just the outline! I totally love it, as it’s better than what I had imagined myself. I so love the work that Tim has done, and he totally rocks! Hopefully I can get a picture of my back from him, as I have no idea when the Husband will be able to get a decent picture taken.




2 responses

8 10 2007

I think it is so awesome that you would wear the pair of socks I made for you when you went to get a new tattoo. I’m looking forward to seeing the tattoo pictures.

15 10 2007

You are so brave to do the tattoo….

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