Friday update

14 09 2007

Okay. So I’m still working on my Sagittaria shawl that I was trying to have finished for the county fair (should have submitted it on Wednesday), but I ended up sick. I’m still suffering from some sniffles.

Our trip to Richmond was a blast. I so love the yarn shops there (we went to the Yarn Lounge and Lettuce Knit). Next door to the Yarn Lounge is a cool toy shop called World of Mirth. The Husband took Evalyn there while I browsed the yarn. Unfortunately, Evalyn’s constant companion Giraffalo went missing while there, but was later “found” at a Hallmark store, clean and a different color.

As the Husband said I had free reign at the yarn stores, I was going to buy yarns for sweaters I’ve been planning on knitting up. However I forgot to write down yarn requirements, so I got sock yarn instead.

sock yarn 2

The yarn on the left is the Fleece Artist 2/6 Merino I got in the Ravelry Summer Camp Swap. The yarn in the middle is Rio de la Plata Merino Sock (I actually purchased two different skeins, but one is for a “stealth sock” project for the NY Sock Exchange.) and on the right is some Pagewood Farm S/W Merino in Vineyard Blues (custom dyed for the Yarn Lounge)

Oh and speaking of the Ravelry swap… Here are pictures of the package I recieved from Linda, AKA Deliriousduckie.

Summer camp packageAll pretty wrapped up… and…

Summer camp package 2Opened up. Evalyn loved the chocolate (I shared with her as a potty training incentive). The Fleece Artist is destined to be these.

Yes. I am working on socks, but not the Charades. I’ve got to get my sock swap pal’s socks done and in the mail by the end of the month. She already knows who I am, but I’m not sure if she visits my blog (Hi, Courtney!) so no photos. I actually got some decent progress done last night before the cold medicine kicked in, and since her feet are quite a bit smaller than mine, they should knit up quick.

Oh, and for cuteness. Here’s a picture of Tori doing something she doesn’t do often enough anymore (nap that is, not just on the floor).
Sleepy tori




2 responses

14 09 2007

Oh pure eyecandy – the sockyarn and the nap 🙂

14 09 2007
(the other) amanda

I “hate” it when I accidentally leave with sock yarn yumminess when I went for something else, LOL…
Tori is adorable!

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