When life gets in the way of blogging…

7 09 2007

Has it really been two weeks since my last post? What have I been up to?

First, my mom visited a few weeks ago. Definately better to have fun with family than to spend time in front of the computer! 🙂 We had tons of fun, even though for the second year in a row we’ve missed out on going to the zoo. Last year was because DC flooded, this year because all Metro parking was full because of road construction. We ended up going to the Oxon Hill Children’s Farm, which for where it’s located is actually pretty neat not to mention chock full of history. I ended up spending a lot of time just waiting for the sheep to come out of their barn. We also visited the Maryland State Fair on opening day. Mom and I spent way more time than we should have waiting to see a big black ram get sheared for judging (just saw the guy get him ready to be sheared, not the actual cutting).

No sock progress this week, but I did get some fab Fleece Artists merino from my Ravelry Summer Camp swap pal as well as some other goodies (I’ll try to get pictures up later this weekend). And in the past two weeks I’ve been working frantically on my Sagittaria shawl to get it finished before the Charles County Fair next Wednesday. Still not quite finished, but I’m working on the edge lace pattern right now, so I’m hoping to be finished this weekend.

The family is heading to Richmond tomorrow so that the Husband can check out a motorcycle dealership, and he’s already promised me that he’d treat me to some fibery goodness. So I’ll be checking out a couple of shops down that way. If anyone has suggestions as to the shop(s) I shouldn’t miss leave me comments…




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