Friday update

10 08 2007

Okay. I don’t have any pictures of my Charades right now, but I do have one finished and am about 1/3 of the way down the leg of the second sock (I think I’ve hit SSS…).

I do have a few pics of another project. I’ve put my Mystery Stole to the side temporarily to work on another shawl for my Journey to a Shawl project. I won the contest in early July (just after my birthday), and a few weeks ago I got my roving from Cary. I’ve got it all spun up as well as some brown alpaca fleece I had left over from a poorly blended project with buffalo that wasn’t dehaired. I ended up with about 900 yards total of the three different colors.

Sagittaria yarn

I’m knitting it up for the Sagittaria shawl, and I’m thinking of adding some beads to the final lace portion on the outside edge. As far as the colors are going to go. I’ve started with the heathered grey yarn and plan on finishing with the brown.

And next I have a picture of my swap package from the International notions bag swap. I recieved this in the mail on Saturday (I am such a slacker lately…) from Kimberly.

Notions bag package

That’s a lovely handwoven little bag for keeping my little notions together, a pair of sock DPN keepers, a thread/yarn cutter and a magnet from Oklahoma with a thermometer on it (when I brought it in the house it showed the temperature as about 105 degrees). There was also some Burt’s Bees lip balm that has gone missing (I think the Husband has pilfered it, so it didn’t go far).

Oooh! And I can’t forget that it’s Tori’s birthday tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some good shots of Pookie and her first birthday cake!




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