Friday update

27 07 2007

Okay. No pictures this week but a wee update on project status.

I’ve decided to restart my mystery stole, as I just finnished spinning the remainder of my wool for the project. I’m planning on going back to the craft store to pick up some beads and a crochet hook or two to put the beads on, but this may change. I also am currently spinning up some lovely alpaca that was my prize from the last contest for Journey to a Shawl (Maple, I am bookmarking your etsy store for more in the future!). I’m not sure what this will become, but I’m thinking of a triangular shawl using the creamy alpaca, the alpaca/wool blend, and some left over brown alpaca from a previous project (approx. 2 oz. left after blending with some buffalo that didn’t have the guard hairs removed)

Sock wise, I’m about to turn the heel on my first Charade, and I’m loving the way this sock looks! I might just have to use the pattern on my pink Jitterbug that’s been sitting in my projects basket since April. I’m also planning to finish spinning up my superwash merino to make socks for either Tori or Evalyn, depending on the yardage I obtain (I’ve only got a few oz. left). I’ll be dying this and maybe baby Charades are in order… 🙂




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