10 07 2007

I got my Hogwarts Sock Swap package yesterday! I’ve got to thank the wonderful Margie for the beautiful Horcrux Slytherin socks!
Horcrux on feet

And of course the other fab goodies in the package!

Hogwarts package

That’s a tin of drinking chocolate (frozen or hot!), a mug to put it in, a keychain sock blocker, knitting note cards (!), candies in a Hello Kitty container (Evalyn has claimed this one already)2.5 mm DPNs, and two sets of stitch markers!

I’m working hard on my package. I hopefully will have the socks completed tomorrow, and I’ll get the package in the mail on Friday.




4 responses

10 07 2007

Your socks are gorgeous! I think I may have to use that pattern for round two.

10 07 2007

WOW! That is a really great package. You know, I’ve not seen a lot of pics of the Horcrux socks on people…I think I like those!
You had a really great secret pal!

10 07 2007

I modified the Horcrux sock quite a lot to make this pair for Shannon. I left out the ribbing after the lace (which I didn’t like), added a reversed repeat of the Horcrux lace and a slip stitch stripe, made the foot solid stockinette and crenelated the toe to look like the Hogwarts School ramparts (and reintroduce the grey yarn to make the socks look complete.

10 07 2007

Oh, and I forgot to say that the socks only took one week to make from start to finish, but two months to get all the yarn tails woven in and the package contents together.

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