Friday show and tell

6 07 2007

Okay. Friday has officially become my show and tell for my projects.

First, there’s the Mystery Stole:

Mystery stole clue 1

It’s not quite the entire first clue there (62 rows), but that should be finished later today so that I can go on to this week’s clue. I think once this is finished and blocked it’ll look wonderful! I still have some roving left to spin up and ply, but I might have enough finished now for the entire stole.

  • Then there are the “insanity socks” for my Ravenclaw pal:

    Ravenclaw socks 2

    And both “together”:

    Ravenclaw inside out

    Tomorrow’s my birthday, and hopefully I can get the Husband to take me yarn shopping! I am seriously needing some sock yarn (Yeah. I’ve got a skein of Jitterbug, but that won’t last long). Socks and lace are about all I could tolerate doing right now during the summer. I might even have him look at getting me a folding table for my sewing machine, as I need to get my notions bag swap bag made (I’ve got the material, just not a space to put my machine to sew it together.)

    And if you haven’t done it aleady, go sign up for the NY Sock Exchange! Sign ups close tomorrow!




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