Friday show and tell

29 06 2007

Okay. I started my Hogwarts swap pal’s socks last Friday as part of the Summer of Socks ’07 KAL. I haven’t done too much, but I think I’m doing well for knitting both at the same time. See.

Ravenclaw socks

If you noticed, I’m knitting them both at the same time. These are my “insanity socks”, and they’ll be a fraternal pair. That’s about 2 inches there done on US 1 needles. I’ve been using a tutorial I found archived in a previous issue of Knitty. So far so good.

As far as my Mystery Stole, I’ve got most of my yarn spun up, and the twist set. I’m trying to get my sample knit up today so that I can start knitting this weekend if I don’t need to go up or down a needle size (I’m using a US 4 Addi circular). I’m pretty surprised at how many of us over at the Journey to a Shawl KAL are also spinning to work on this stole!

Oh, and I’ve joined another sock swap. This one I found over at Ravelry. It’s the NY Sock Exchange (I love the title. I need to go get the skyline button.). It started as a “big foot” sock swap, for those of us with larger than average feet (I thought a woman’s 9 was the new average… although my feet are bigger…), but it’s open to anyone and everyone will try to be paired with someone with a similar shoe size. Go check it out!




3 responses

29 06 2007

Hey! that’s pretty cool – the stitches for each pair alternate on the same needles? I might have to try your trick!

29 06 2007

Very nice start! I have a horrible problem when it comes to knitting in the round with more than 2 needles. I look forward to watching for more progress and being insanely jellous of such beautiful work.


6 07 2007
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