Are you ready?

20 06 2007

I’m getting geared up for the Summer of Socks! Official knitting cannot be started before 5 a.m., and I think I won’t have a problem there. The reasons for that being (if you look over in the sidebar) I haven’t finished my Vinnland socks, and I need to get a new set of DPNs to start my first pair. I’m planning on kicking off the SOS by knitting two socks on DPNs at the same time! And these won’t be any ordinary socks, they’re intended for my Hogwarts Sock Swap pal (Yes. I am a procrastinator.)! I’ll be working them in stripes, and mismatched.

In other news, Tori was seen by the Ophthalmologist today, and she’ll be having a procedure done to unblock her tear ducts done on July 20th.




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21 06 2007

Ha! I’m a procrastinator, too! However, I did end up with two Hogwarts Pals so at least one package has been sent! I just switched over to WordPress so I may call on you for help……..

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