Yet another KAL…

19 06 2007

Yep. I’ve joined another KAL. I’ll be participating in the Mystery Stole 3! I’m combining my Journey to a Shawl with this one. They kind of fit, and the yarn that I’ll be using is this:

First skein

Eva and yarn

The skein that Evalyn is holding is about 180 yards of a Chevoit/ Shetland/ Corridale blend that I purchased a few weeks ago along with the bump sent to my PRGE pal. I just went back to Ch’naca and bought the last three bumps that Nancy had. I’m hoping it’ll be enough, as the pattern is saying 1200 yards. I still plan on dying and spinning my merino, it’ll just be later in the summer…

Not too much else going on here. In non- fiberarts news, Tori will be going to an ophthalmologist to see about getting rid of the nasty blocked tear ducts tomorrow afternoon, and I don’t have a sitter scheduled for Evalyn as the appointment was made just a little while ago. If I see my neighbor’s teenage daughter, I’ll see if she’ll come over. If not, I guess she’ll have to stay with me…




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4 03 2008
Knitting content! « Knitting and Other Musings in Southern Maryland

[…] I’m test knitting a new pattern for her. Does anyone remember me posting about participating in the MS3 KAL? Or the yarn that I spun for that? Well, I never used it for the KAL, so it’s now being used […]

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