Long time, no post…

15 06 2007

Sorry I haven’t posted in a week. I’ve been in a kind of funk for the last week. So what’s going on? Not a whole lot.

Monday, Tori turned 10 months old (two more months to 1 year!). She had a checkup with the pediatrician, and she currently weighs 22.5 pounds and is 28 inches long. She’s not crawling, but rolling across the floor, and she doesn’t particularly like rolling off her cushy quilt onto the hardwood floors.

Evalyn is figuring out that it’s a good thing to share with her sister and frequently lets Tori play with her stuffed animals for a few minutes. She’s also figuring out that it’s a good thing to listen to Mommy and behave when she’s in a yarn store, especially when the sales person lets her walk around with the toy hedgehog (I so need to make a few of those).

And talking of yarn stores… We hit Springwater Fiber in Alexandria today so that I could finally purchase the yarn needed to make my Hogwart’s sock swap pal’s socks (I’ll be using the movie colors for the Ravenclaw socks). And last week we made a trip to Ch’naca farm in Prince Frederick to get something to send to Scarlett for her third package in the PRGE. I also bought myself a bump of the fiber that I sent, and I’m now pondering if I want to buy a few more bumps and spin it up for my lace shawl, or to continue with my current plan of spinning up my merino after I get it dyed up. I’ll probably hit A. C. Moore this weekend to buy some Wilton’s food coloring to dye later in the week. I’m hoping to finish off the Vinnland socks and the Circular shrug by Thursday so that I can cast on my Ravenclaw socks for the Summer of Socks, and so that I can get going on dying up my merino!




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15 06 2007

My youngest is asking for the hedgehog & he’s nine, they’ll get years of love & use.

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