It’s gone…

1 06 2007

😦 The husband has sold his killer Victory Classic Cruiser. I am totally bummed about this because he loved the bike.

Dad and biker babe

This picture is about a year old, as Evalyn is much bigger now (she can actually pull herself onto the seat herself now!). I loved that bike too. I only rode on the passenger seat a few times before I had Evalyn, but those few times were a blast! The fairing is actually an old Harley one that he purchased on eBay and had the guy who does alot of the paint jobs for the Kustom Shoppe paint it to match. Since this was taken, he’s added Corbin beetle bags that have also been painted to match. He was the Bumble Bee!

But on the brighter side, the money he’s getting for the Victory will pay off some of our debt, and keep the bill collectors at bay (I had a medical bill for my insulin pump that hasn’t been paid in almost a year!?!?). And the Husband is also talking that once we get back on our feet financially (it’s been a rough couple of years…), he’s wanting to get a Ural (aren’t they cool? And the side car? Family trips!), and I can take the MSF class so that I can ride a motorcycle as well. Maybe two Urals or one of these! Wouldn’t that be fun summer riding to pull up in front of some LYS somewhere on either one of those?

Oh. And the vehicles in the background with the tarps on them? Those are the Husband’s pet project (when he has any time to work on it). Both are 1978 VW Buses. The one on the left has all the working parts, the one on the right is just a shell for parts. I might have to see about knitting seat covers for the working one once the Husband gets one running and usable.




One response

6 06 2007

Oh, that looks like such a fun motorcycle!!! Good for your husband to do this for the best interest of the finances (and your little girl looks so cute there!)

My Dad had a motorcycle shop for a time when I was a little girl and I loved to hang out there with him 😉

Its fun reading your blog, Shannon!

Cary from the Journey To A Shawl

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