Knit in Public Day

23 05 2007

Okay. I have just noticed a complete lack of Maryland venues for the W.W.K.I.P. Day. There’s a D.C. venue, but I really don’t want to drive up there. I’ve created a poll to see where people would like to possibly meet for KIP Day ’07. So all knitters in southern MD, and elsewhere, if you are interested in meeting other knitters in the area, visit my poll and cast your vote (I’ve made it mutiple choice, and you can enter your own suggestions, as I’ve only listed a few parks in Charles county. Playground areas would be a plus, as some of us may want to bring our kids).

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One response

25 05 2007

Hello! I am in/near southern MD, and would love to be involved. I don’t really know the location of the parks you mentioned, but since I am in Prince George’s county, I’m just down the road, so to speak! Please let me know when/where you all will be meeting!

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