Some photos…

8 05 2007

Well, not a lot has been going on, so I’ll give you the only picture I got at MDSW on Sunday, before the camera decided the batteries were no good.

Tori and Jacob sheep

That’s Tori in front of a pen with two Jacobs sheep. Not exactly a good picture, but the best I got before the camera stopped working.

Here’s another of my little animal lover with her favorite dog.

Tori & Logan

I’ve been sewing again. I had totaly forgotten about a couple of outfits I had been working on years ago, and came across them in a box in our garage. One was a fitted suit jacket and matching skirt. The other was a very conservative corduroy dress that I hadn’t hemmed. With what I could salvage, this is what got put together.

Diaper bag & needle case

A brand new diaper bag and a case for my sock knitting dpns! Both still need a little finishing, but they work wonderfully. The inside of the needle case clashes something terrible, but it’s all I could find that didn’t scream too loudly. I’m thinking of whipping a few of these up and putting them on etsy…

DPN case




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