I’m a joiner…

3 05 2007

I’ve joined SOS ’07! I figure that since I’m in such a sock fix, might as well knit with others. And since I saw that Wendy was joining, I figured I’d go along.

Now, after reading Cara’s latest blog entry, I’ve also signed up to be a beta tester for ravelry, a rather nifty site to organize, share, and discover good stuff with regards to knitting and crochet. Since it’s in beta right now, membership is by invitation only (I’m waiting for mine), and you can add yourself to the invite list on the bottom right side of the home page.

I’ve restarted both the shrug and the Jitterbug socks. I’m now knitting a “circle shrug”, from this pattern, using the same nature wool that was to be Arwen. The Jitterbug Jaywalkers have been frogged, and I am now knitting Vinnland socks from the Anticraft website.

Only three more days until I’ll be at MDSW. We prefer going on Sunday (the Husband thinks it’s less crowded, but we’ve always gone on Sunday…), and Evalyn is looking forward to seeing the sheep. I’m looking forward to using my Mei Tai, possibly with Tori on my back instead of the front carying position.




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