Opinions, anyone?

16 04 2007

This Idea has been floating around for a few days now. I’m toying around with starting a knitting related swap. I know that there’s already a coffee swap, but what about those who enjoy tea or even a good cup of coco? The idea has been really running rampant since my Saturday visit to the Market. One of the vendors sells some fab whole bean coffee, as well as some excelent loose teas (Best. Chai. Ever!).

What would you all say to a new swap for tasty beverages- non-alcoholic anyway- along with a few knitting/crochet/spinning gifts to boot?

ETA: Here’s a poll. Please feel free to vote, and comment!

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5 responses

16 04 2007

Well, I’d be in! I’m an avid tea-drinker and knitter, and have really enjoyed participating in a few swaps so far. Go for it!

17 04 2007
metal and knit

it sounds good but it can be hard with international post on these ones There has been 2 knitters tea swaps but aussies cant have the tea sent to them due to quarrantine and customs issues. I would have to have an aussie pal if i did participate

17 04 2007

That kinda sucks… If there’s enough of an interest from the Aussie knitters (among many others), I might just limit this to the States…

24 04 2007
Wyvern socks completed! « Knitting and Other Musings in Southern Maryland

[…] a moment to take the swap poll. I’ve added it to the top of the side bar, as well as in my previous post. Just a little fyi, the pole will close on May 5th, the start of the Maryland Sheep and Wool […]

1 05 2007

I’ve seen the Knitter’s Tea and Coffee swaps, but always miss signing up so I’d be interested. There are also similar swaps on Swap-Bot too.

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