Socks ‘r’ us?

3 04 2007

I am on a total sock thing right now. I finished my Colinette socks, and totaly love them!!! I’ll try to get pics up later.

Right now I’m knitting Wyvern socks with the Louet Gems that my PRGE pal sent for my first package. I am totaly loving the pattern on this sock. I’ve got to find a nice earthy green handpainted sock yarn for the next time I knit these, as this pattern is a definate “dragon scale” and would look totaly cool in green (or purples… or blues???). I am so wanting to knit these socks as well. I’d definately go for the thigh high sock in either pink or black color. I’d really like to try some of the other patterns that Marnie has designed. Her stuff looks so fab!

Today was our MOMS club spring party. Evalyn and Tori had a blast. Everyone came up to Tori just to see her smile, and Evalyn just had a blast running between the playgrounds and getting food (mostly cookies and cupcakes…).




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