Ten pounds!

28 03 2007

I’ve lost ten pounds since Christmas, and I wasn’t even really trying. I had an appointment this morning with my endocrinologist. She so totally rocks! She’s just this sweet, little, Asian woman who loves to talk about kids. I think she deals alot more with older adults with type 2 diabetes, so I’m kind of a breath of fresh air for her. The girls love to come along with me to my appointments with her. Evalyn spent the time trying to play with the ultrasound machine in the room and playing with a pair of latex gloves. Tori sat very contently in her carrier while we talked. Luckily no changes right now in medication (that might change Friday when she should have my lab work back).

 I bought some fabulous yarn over the weekend, but I’m not posting any pictures of it because I don’t want to give myself away to my PRGE spoilee. I sent her the same yarn! I’m contemplating knitting more socks from the yarn, but something lacy isn’t entirely out of the picture. I wish I had been able to buy more from this place, as I didn’t catch the vendor’s name and am unsure as to how to contact them for more (note: check the Husband’s pockets for a charge reciept, or check the bank account….)

The weather is finally nice and pleasant. We spent part of the day playing at a local park, where I had moms asking about my Mei Tai. People out here seem totaly amazed that someone can sew thier own stuff. If I were back in Utah, I wouldn’t get quite the stunned looks as I do here, at least that’s what I imagine.

With the good weather, I’m thinking of getting a new hair cut. I keep telling the Husband that I should cut bangs, and go for a Betty Page hairstyle. Then I could wear my killer cherries halter dress I bought a couple years ago after having Evalyn…




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