Super cool!!!!

14 03 2007

I just went out to get the mail and found this in my box:

PRGE package 1

Hella sweet!!! It’s Louet Gems Baby Pearl in Baby Neptune x2, US 2 DPNs, a Starbucks gift card, a package of Madelines (yummy!), and a very amusing note card (the lable on the yarn reads “ACME Acril-o-Knit”!)

Thanks, secret pal!

And for more super coolness….

bald eagle

Not exactly the best picture…

We came home from some shopping yesterday to find a bald eagle sitting in one of my neighbors’ oak trees. Just as we got back outside with the camera, he took off to fly with (I believe anyway) a red tailed hawk over our neighbors’ fields. I’ve seen a few of the eagles flying over a few times, but not as close as this one.

And here’s a super cool toddler picture…

Eva and G




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