Tattoo meme

5 03 2007

So. After reading the most recent post on Scout’s blog, I figured I’d put up my Tattoo.


I got my medic alert bracelet tattooed to my left wrist about a month after Tori was born. It’s not complete, as I still need to have “diabetic” written above it, but at least I won’t have to worry about loosing a piece of jewelry. I had gotten the idea from a friend  from the summer camp I used to attend (last time as a volunteer counselor in 2000). He had the caduseus tattoed on his chest along with diabetic, so he could feel more secure at the parties he would go to (he’d seen people pass out and have stuff stollen off of them, and didn’t want the same to happen if he had a medical emergency.)




2 responses

5 03 2007

A friend of mine has a big caduceus on her forearm with the caption NO PENICILLIN. My sister is in nursing school and I mentioned that to her, and she asked, “Does that mean she can’t have penicillin?” Erm. Yikes. I told her to obey tattoos. Always.

7 03 2007

I think that it a great idea – its beautiful, functional and could save your life!

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