12 02 2007

Nothing better than spending the weekend in pain. I have a tooth that has now become abscessed. The husband kept joking over the weekend about spousal abuse because my jaw is swollen, and at one point I forgot my regular glasses, so I ended up walking around with my sunglasses on while shopping.

I took Tori to her 6 month check up (6 months!!!), and she now weighs 20 lbs. 10 oz. and 26.5 inches, so it’s time to move her into the bigger carseat (rear facing of course). Evalyn was having a blast because she figured out how to work door knobs, and kept trying to escape the pediatrician’s office while we were there. I’m glad their doctor has a great staff (the receptionist actually does some baby sitting on the side for some of the patients’ parents), and they kept Evalyn entertained while Tori was getting her vaccinations.

As far as the diaper bag goes… It’s finnished, but doesn’t look very good (at least to me). Now that it’s done, I’ve figured out better ways that I could have put it together. So once I get the chance, I’ll be ordering some stuff online to make some bags (and matching Mei Tai). Once I get them whipped up, I’ll post some pics and let people weigh in on what they think.

And knitting… I went in to Crazy for Ewe on Friday, and bought some sock yarn. For me, I bought some Jitterbug in the Copperbeech colorway. And since Evalyn insists on me making her stuff, I bought some Trekking XXL in a nice pastel colorway to make both girls a pair of socks.




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