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28 01 2007

I found this the other day at the local Hancock Fabrics store, and had to make something fun!


Well. What did I make?

It’s a Mei Tai (pronounced May Tie) or Asian Baby Carrier (ABC).

Mei Tai

I love this thing. And Tori seems to like it, but she’s only been in it a few times since I completed it yesterday. I had made a sling when Evalyn was born, but could never get the hang of using the thing. Not to mention that I didn’t use appropriate materials to make it, so it was probably more awkward than it should have been. The ABC rocks! It’s fairly easy to put on (at least forward facing right now), and I find it easier to adjust than the sling I had made. Both the sling and the ABC were based on the respective patterns from this site, if you’re interested in making one yourself.

I have enough of the material to make a second carrier, but I think I might just use the leftovers and construct a knitting mom’s dream diaper bag. I have this idea floating around of a messenger style bag with a compartment big enough for small knitting projects, like socks, scarves or hats. If I have any success with the bag, I want to try to market the bags if the interest is out there (post comments, please!).

Not much else going on.Β  No knitting finished objects, and I haven’t had much time the past week to work on Arwen. Hopefully I can get a few rows in tonight….




4 responses

28 01 2007

The ABC looks great. It’s on my list of things to make. The diaper bag idea does sound dreamy! I have a great diaper bag, but it just doesn’t quite accomodate my knitting. Looking forward to hear of your progress with a possible future purchase in mind. πŸ™‚

30 01 2007

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I’ve made the umpteenth trip to local fabric shops trying to find additional supplies as one can never find all of what one needs in one convenient spot… I’ll hopefully have pictures of the completed bag up by Friday (depending on if I can get the oldest down for naps and bed at reasonable times).

7 03 2007

My friend swore by her ABC. She lent me hers for one of my sons and I liked it too. And the fact that it’s handmade makes it that much more special!

26 06 2007

Looks fantastic! love the fabric. u need to show it being worn πŸ˜‰

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