Knitting for a good cause…

17 01 2007

That’s what I’m doing.

After reading this post on Cara’s blog, I decided to check out Kate’s blog for more information on knitting chemo hats for the kids at Children’s Hospital Boston.


1. You email Kate with your name, email, snail mail, and blog (if you have one) to:

kskaare (at) gmail (dot)com


2. Kate will email you with a word (PDF format) document with several hat types

3 You knit a few. I knit a few. You tell your SnB, knitters guild, etc. to knit a few. If they arrive in a box from you, you get in the prize drawing– more hats, more chances.

4. You must have the hats TO KATE in Boston by February 28, 2007. (These hats are not rocket science. They are easy. They are knit on big needles… One takes about one hour to knit.)

5. Kate puts your name in the contest…PC pulls names, Pumpkin announces winners via this blogand emails…

Also, 1) Non-fun fur hats are ok… shedirs, london beanies…. just make sure they are age-appropriate!
2) Colors– all colors are cool… color combos are cool.
3) Mail the hats to Kate. You can wait, build up a bunch, then mail them

I must agree that this is a very easy knit. I got one hat done durring Evalyn’s nap time yesterday using a size 9 and some Patton’s Twisted that was on clearance at the local AC Moore. There was a ton of fun fur type yarns on clearance. I’m going to go back this weekend and see if the Husband will buy me bags of the stuff (wonder if they’d be willing to donate some so the MOMS Club can knit some up…).

Here are the girls modeling the same hat that I finished:

Chemo hat model #1

And Tori:
Chemo hat model #2

And just a few other cute pics of the girls…

Biker boots

Tori and dinosaur




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