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4 12 2006

The title for today says it all. We’re kind of broke, so no holiday shopping or anything. I’m probably about three inches into knitting Arwen, so it doesn’t look much different than the first pictures I posted before frogging the first try.

I am looking into a few home run businesses. One I’m really thinking of is Wildtree, and the other is Inspired Aroma, Inc. The Husband wants me to wait until he has some money before I sign up (kind of have to since I don’t have any funds of my own at the moment), and that won’t be until the 110th Congress goes into session in January. He’s going to let me do both! Why not? I could cook and prepare coffee at the same party. If anyone in the area is interested in hosting a party for either of these just let me know…




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5 12 2006
Aunt Jackie

Hi Sweetie,

This weekend I will be sending a Christmas Cheer box from Utah. We had a chaotic Thanksgiving with my family. It’s so much fun to see my nephews. Phil has two step children and an 18 month little boy, Alex. He is a very busy little boy. He climbs on everything. He is also quite a charmer. He knows just when to give you a smile or a hug and a kiss.

We miss you lots. Give the girls a big hug from me.

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