Sunday fun

19 11 2006

Well. Now that the weekend is over, I should write a post about what we did.

Saturday was nothing overly special- just kind of bumming around town. The husband has decided that the girls need an aquarium, and he’s been debating on whether to do saltwater or freshwater, so we visited Roozen Nursery in Ft. Washington to check out their saltwater aquarium stuff. We also picked up his beetle bags from Bernie over at Victory of Southern Maryland.

Today was spent going to Home Depot to buy a few bags of river pebbles to use in the aquarium, as the husband has decided he is more than likely going to set up a 75 gallon freshwater tank.

After Home Depot, we drove out to Glen Burnie to check out a pet store called House of Tropics. Lots more fish, fresh and saltwater, plus reptiles and small mammals. There was a German Angora doe bunny that I was falling in love with (is that even possible when you’ve had a fear of rabbits for a while?), and thought she’d be cool to have as a fiber source for some homespun yarn. Three dogs and a cat won’t allow for that at the moment right now, not to mention the fish tank that will be set up in the comming days.

As far as knitting goes… I’m currently working on ” A Cardigan for Arwen” from the winter issue of IK. I’m using Araucania Nature Wool in color 04 (it’s a yummy shade of pink), purchased from AC Moore. The goal is to have this finnished by the new year. I’ll try to post pictures as I go. right now I have a little more than an inch of the left side completed (who says you have to start with the back?)

Now I’m just kicking back, waiting for the kettle to boil. It’s time for some tea and a brownie…




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