The beginning

17 11 2006

Hmm…. Where to start?…

 I moved to Southern Maryland (Indian Head) in October 2002 from Salt Lake City, when my husband took a position in DC for the agency he was working for at the time.  I also had taken a job working for the same agency, just in a different office.  Now it’s been four years since we’ve moved here, and I’ve resigned from working to stay at home to care for our two wonderful daughters.

Here’s Tori, age 3 months:


And here’s Evalyn, age 2 years:





2 responses

17 11 2006

Hey Miss Shannon! Your girls are absolutely beautiful!! We definitely miss you here at Coast Guard but it sounds like you’re doing great which is good to hear. We’ve got to get together some time soon so I can see the new baby. Talk to you later


17 11 2006
Aunt Jackie

Hi Sweetie,

The girls are beautiful. So nice to be able to keep up with you and your family.

Aunt Jackie

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